Paladins: A Free Online Gaming Experience

A friend recommended me to the game Paladins this past summer it is a free to download and has an open access beta hosted by the company Hi-Rez Studios. The free version of the game allows the player to start with five characters matching each rolepaladinsblog4 to play in the game. The five roles a player can pick from are damage, support, front line, and assassin. Unlocking the full version of the game ($19.99) grants access to every character for the life of the game along with other perks that are an added bonus.

Game Play: 9/10

The game starts with a brief introduction where players go through a short tutorial of the game. Players are placed into an arena in a 5 v. 5 objective based matches where they learn to fight computer controlled bots until they reach level five. Once the player has reached level five, they have access to each of the three game modes siege, onslaught, and payload. Siege is the most popular of the three game types. The objective is for player’s to work their way to the center of the map, to capture the objective, and push paladins blog3the payload. Once a team has captured the objective they earn one point, push the payload to the enemy team’s base and the team earns a second point. The first team to reach four points wins the game.

The third person game play, allows for players to get a wide view of what is going on around them. It works great for this game as you have an offset reticle for each character based on their style of attack. Moving around the game is simple to understand using WASD keyboard command a player can move around the map using five customizable abilities to try to kill the enemy team, and playing objectively to dominate the other team.

Servers: 6/10

From my experience with the game the servers have had complications from time to time. In the middle of a game you might get kicked out for what seemed to be no reason at all. It has not happened recently, but seems to be a common issue talked about within the community. With that short period of issues the response time of the game is outstanding. Players have very little issues maintaining a connection. If a player does leave the game their place will be not be filled with a bot until the end of the game.

Community: 8/10

The games community is mixed with a large diversity of skilled to unskilled players. When starting off it is not uncommon for players to rely on learning from their teammates. The games casual play allows for people to work on learning how to play so they can jump right into ranked matches. Even when playing in ranked matches people seem to be very willing to communicate and create a plan so that the team can win.

When I first started off within the game I had to rely heavily on other players guided directions on what to do. The game allows for easy accessible hot keys which will give your team a verbal command on what to do. I have experienced very little foul play among this games community, and is great to have players looking to have fun and work together to win.

Quality of Life: 8/10

The game provides multiple rewards based on reaching a new account level, character level, and quests. When a player earns a level up they are awarded with a chest which unlocks new cards to customize their character in game, or skins to change the way they look. Second, the quests reward players with a form of in-game currency. Each one such as gold or V.I.P points allows players to do different things. A free-to-play-user can buy new characters within the game as well as outfits or skins for the characters they already have.

paladins blog2

The ranked mode is a lure for players skilled enough wanting work on their overall abilities in the game. The ranked mode is this game’s long term success, for players want to continue to get better and prove to themselves they have what it takes to be the best.

Future Updates: 10/10

When opening the launcher for the game the first thing you see is information about what is currently going on within the game along with many of the future updates. If opened, you will be redirected to your default browser where developer blogs and notes are posted for the public. Once the game is opened up from the launcher it shows the players have the ability to once again see more about the game. This allows for you to never be left out of the sales, or events that might be taking place.

It seems as though Hi-Rez Studios is very passionate about the game they have produced with always providing a notification the players about what they plan on introducing to the game. This may be new characters, maps, or game types that are being tested out, to be released.

paladins blog

Final thoughts:

Based on my own personal experience of the game, I have been very satisfied with how easy it is to learn and jump right into playing. I would defiantly recommend downloading the free version of this game and experiencing the adventure that waits.

Battlerite…is Alright

Overall Rating: 7.2/10battleriteblog3.PNG

I was recently granted a free pass to the game Battlerite. I quickly downloaded the 1.5 GB file and opened the file to see what the game was about. Once the game was opened, I was shocked at all the things it had to offer. Just like many games on the PC you have the chests you can buy for rewards and loot. This game instantly gets you started by offering multiple chests to customize your characters.

Game Play: 8/10

The tutorial campaign made the game play seem fairly simple on the surface. I was introduced learning basic skills such as how to attack and move about the arena. As I progressed the bosses became easier br5and it seemed like they hardly move around at all. I worked my way into the campaign developing the skills I had just learned. The campaign was again fairly simple, providing rewards and loot chests as I completed each mission.

Once I finished the introduction to the campaign, I had to spend a few minutes trying to figure out how to play online. The navigation through the game was unreasonably hard. I did not know I had just entered into “league”, the games ranked mode. The game was actually a lot more complex than I had originally thought. It took me nearly twenty five games before I earned my first win. However, after my first few matches I began to see what the game was all about. Players fight in an arena to kill each other’s champion and the first team to kill the other team wins. The best of three rounds, wins the game. Using a card based system; every round unlocks an additional power up to the character. The power ups allow for increased crowd control, overall damage, survivability, or other modifiers. This helps the player customize what they need to win the game. I felt as though, with what was provided, six of seventeen champions were enough to begin understanding the game. On br3my last chest that I had earned I was shocked learn I could unlock a new characters giving me seven out of seventeen champions.


Servers: 9/10

I felt as though the game was very responsive and reasonable. The servers were always up and there was almost no lag within the interference at allbattleriteblog. I was able to jump right into games and play against other players. There was very little wait time at all and I was never once kicked out of a game.

Community: 4/10

The downfall of this game is the community size. As I was in matchmaking I began to read the names of the people I was playing against. In no time at all I realized I was up fighting one of the same players in three of the ten recent games I had played. This feature left me in doubt about the game itself.

Quality of Life: 6/10

If I am constantly placed against the same people, will the lack of a community end up being the downfall of this game?  After the most recent update they addressed this statement and I played another two games to again be matched against the same players.

Future Updates: 9/10

When you first log in, the game provides a link to the most recent developer blog. A reasonably organized list is brprovided of the future updates of the game. The game promises a lot to come in the future. With the most recent update the games developers have finally released a date (November 8th) for the game to launch as free to play.  The game also has recently introduced a free rotation of champions to play that will reset every Friday. This rotation will be different from player to player so it provides a “healthy” distribution of champions to be played.

Final thoughts:

To conclude, I found it still would be best to take a step away from buying Battlerite ($19.99) and wait for it to be release a free to play version of the game.